Info for Potential Participants

You’re not alone if you’re finding Internet and social networking overuse to be an increasing problem in your life. 

The New Normal

Computers, tablets and smartphones are now all part of the ever-present full-time connection to digital networks. Peer acceptance and the need for social interaction promote the overuse of these technologies. The need to connect for productive everyday living - like doing schoolwork or performing jobs in the workplace - makes establishing boundaries and limits all the more difficult. This “new normal” can be overwhelming when you are trying to keep up with the digital literacy and competence that modern life demands without escalating into counterproductive overuse.

Complicating Factors

The internet-pull can come at us in many ways, from cultural pressures and other psychological issues such as emotional and social challenges. All of these can greatly increase the possibility of problems with impulse control when dealing with internet and social network stimulation.

The Solution

We have recognized that Internet and social networking overuse is a seriously under served treatment area. Therefore, we worked closely with internet-addiction expert Dr. Kimberly Young to develop a group therapy plan. If you are experiencing disruption in your academic pursuits, professional activities and relationships as a result of internet and social networking overuse you are invited to join our upcoming group therapy program.

These group therapy programs will involve weekly therapy under the direction of Marlene Russell and group co-facilitator Nicole Mitchell, with 1.5 hour-long sessions and out-of-session assignments.

If you would like more information or want to book an intake appointment (at no charge), please email us by using the form on our Contact Us page or call 416.926.0319.

Thank you,

The Internet Group Team