Info for Clinicians

This group may provide you with a new resource for helping your clients whose lives are being disrupted by internet and social networking overuse.

In both individual and family therapy over the last few years, we have encountered a steadily growing number of clients whose academic pursuits, professional activities, and interpersonal relations have become dysfunctional because of social networking and internet overuse and we see its impact across a wide age range of clientele.  

From your own professional observations you are most likely aware that group therapy is among the more effective modalities of treatment for dysfunction resulting from addiction-type problems. However, in our efforts to assist clients, we have found group therapy for internet-related dependency problems to be a seriously under-served treatment area. 

To serve this unmet need we have established our own research and treatment support team and also worked closely with internet-addiction expert Dr. Kimberly Young, founder of the Center for Internet Addiction, to form a new group therapy program to address internet and social networking overuse.  A new 24-session program begins in October, 2014. The program will be intensive in the weekly activity that it entails. 

Over time, we intend to provide additional group therapy to other specific areas of related dysfunction.  In addition, we hope to incorporate separate psycho-educational and support groups for affected family members as part of our comprehensive treatment plan.

Please let us know if you are interested in our group for any client or contact whose needs can be served by our new programs by emailing us through our Contact Us page, or by calling 416.926.0319.

Thank you,

The Internet Group Team